Forensic Psychiatry Services


    Dr. John Tennison is a forensic psychiatrist who is dedicated to producing thoughtful and thorough psychiatric evaluations.  All forensic evaluations conducted by Dr. Tennison are the result of a thorough examination process that takes the complexity and individuality of each evaluee and pertinent data into account.

   Dr. Tennison is experienced in conducting capacity evaluations of various sorts, such as testamentary and contract capacity.  Dr. Tennison is also experienced in conducting sanity and competency evaluations.

   Dr. Tennison has also specialized in Sexually Violent Predator assessments.

   Dr. Tennison provides assessments for dangerousness and risk of recidivism, including, but not limited to sexual recidivism. 

   Dr. Tennison provides medical and psychiatric assessments for factors that might mitigate sentencing and penalties in criminal and civil trials respectively.

   Lastly, Dr. Tennison has considerable experience assessing malpractice questions and drug-related causes of death when such death occurs in he context of co-occurring addiction treatment using methadone, Suboxone, or other pharmacological treatments for drug dependence or addiction.

Expert Witness Testimony

    Dr. Tennison is available as a psychiatric expert witness for courtroom testimony.  He is skilled at communicating complex psychiatric ideas and findings to juries and others who might be unfamiliar with psychiatry and its jargon.

Psychiatric Consultations

    Dr. Tennison is available for psychiatric consultations on any and all matters pertaining to psychiatry.  Dr. Tennison will help you cut through psychiatric jargon, confusing diagnoses, clouded histories, or complicated statistics to assure that your client, case, or inquiry is given thorough consideration.

    Contact John Tennison, MD at 210-884-0990 to request forensic psychiatric services or for information on rates.

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